defineClonesScoper - Assigning Ig sequences into clonal groups


The defineClonesScoper function provides an unsupervised pipline for assigning Ig sequences into clonal groups sharing same V gene, J gene, and junction length.


defineClonesScoper(db, junction = "JUNCTION", v_call = "V_CALL",
j_call = "J_CALL", first = FALSE, cdr3 = FALSE, mod3 = FALSE,
iter_max = 1000, nstart = 25, nproc = 1, progress = FALSE,
out_name = NULL, out_dir = ".")


data.frame with Change-O style columns containing sequence data.
name of the column containing nucleotide sequences to compare. Also used to determine sequence length for grouping.
name of the column containing the V-segment allele calls.
name of the column containing the J-segment allele calls.
if TRUE only the first call of the gene assignments is used. if FALSE the union of ambiguous gene assignments is used to group all sequences with any overlapping gene calls.
if TRUE remove 3 nts from both ends of junction (converts IMGT junction to CDR3 region). if TRUE remove junction(s) with length less than 7 nts.
if TRUE remove junction(s) with number of nucleotides not modulus of 3.
the maximum number of iterations allowed for kmean clustering step.
the number of random sets chosen for kmean clustering initialization.
number of cores to distribute the function over.
if TRUE print a progress bar.
if not NULL save cloned data.frame and a summary of cloning performance. out_name string is used as the prefix of the successfully processed output files.
specify to change the output directory. The input file directory is used if this is not specified while out_name is specified.


Returns a modified db data.frame with clone identifiers in the CLONE column. if out_name is not NULL, it will save the modified db and a summary of cloning performance in the current directory or the specified out_dir.


An unsupervised pipeline to identify B cell clones from adaptive immune receptor repertoire sequencing (AIRR-Seq) datasets. This method is based on spectral clustering of the junction sequences of B cell receptors (BCRs, also referred to as Immunoglobulins, (Igs)) that share the same V gene, J gene and junction length. It uses an adaptive threshold that analyzes sequences in a local neighborhood.


# clone data using defineClonesScoper function
db <- defineClonesScoper(ExampleDb, junction = "JUNCTION", v_call = "V_CALL",
j_call = "J_CALL", first = TRUE)
CLONES=  1058
RECORDS=  2000
PASS=  2000
FAIL=  0

See also

To assess the performance of clonal assignment process check analyzeClones.